Manon Kundig’s ‘Blowjob’

The fantastic inflatable skull dress of Manon Kundig, a student at the Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Arts. And this isn’t the only piece that is unique and innovative, she made a collection “Blowjob” made of  inflatable clothes, skulls, gladiator sandals and fake crooked teeth. Watch the show here.. 

See a Skull Vanitas

James Hopkins has a hole different way of showing skulls. By using everyday stuff on 4 or 5 shelfs, he creates a skull. If you can’t see it (what I can’t imagine) look closer!  The term “Vanitas” (sometimes the term “Momento Mori” is used in its place) comes from a practice in which Dutch painters put symbolic imagery of death into their still lives during the 17th century.
(designs are made in 2006)Hopkins says, ‘I don’t want people to think of these works as being negative or morbid — in fact, they should be read as a celebration of life.’
source of Shelf Life