adidas-originals-x-the-farm-company-1-31344The Sport / Fashion label Adidas creates a kaleidoscope collection in collaboration with  ‘The Farm Company’.  Creating clothes and shoes for women. The Farm Company is a Brazilian fashion label, founded in 1997. Known for their fierce, colorful prints and now combined with the Adidas Originals items. Bringing sport and street style together. The collection is already available at all selling points of Adidas Originals.

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Sweet Thuesday

♥♥♥♥♥♥I’m Loving spring! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

The smell when I walk out of the house, the bird and trees. That it’s longer light!
I can’t wait until I can sit in the park with a picknick basket.
The holl day in the park, love those days!
Spring makes me happier!

♥♥♥Hallooo March♥♥♥

Finally it’s March!
The spring is in the air!!

I just ♥ spring, it’s getting warmer and the trees get leafs again. Everything seems more beautiful and everyone is happier!
Hopefully there will be no more snow or rain cause I can’t handle that anymore!
I hope for a wonderful and joyful spring!

I’m ♥ing it already!