2-g-star-sunglasses-marchon-launch-eyewear-clubbrillant-amsterdamg-star-sunglasses-marchon-launch-eyewear-clubbrillant-amsterdam-advertising-spectecalesg-star-sunglasses-marchon-launch-eyewear-clubbrillant-amsterdam-advertisingSunday i was part of the launch of G-STAR’s eyewear collection in the Westerunie in Amsterdam.

First we got a well explained presentation by Gary Plunkett, Global License Director van G-Star RAW. Explaining the history, philosophy and the look and feel of G-Star RAW. G-Star RAW is an iconic brand with Dutch roots and the designers have succeeded in processing a typical G-Star RAW features in the frames and sunglasses.

To give the eyewear the typical G-Star RAW features, they gave them beautiful details, like a raw screw to connect the glasses, the seam of a pants at the back of the frame,  and the number and type shown on the outside.



hi-tec-london-sunculture-sunglasses-amsterdam-opening-store blurning-the-midnight-oil-sunculture-sunglasses-amsterdam-opening-storeWe have a new store in town; Sunculture. Ad and Mark, both 24 years old, are sunglasses fanatics, their for started a sunglass(web)store. Selling unique sunglasses from brands around the world. They discovered a few autonome brands, which bring a new and fresh input into the sunglasses market in the Netherlands. Sunculture is a (web)store based in Amsterdam.

And Friday i was part of their opening on the Quellijnstraat 80 with music, food, drink and enthusiastic people. You just have to love these sunglasses, they are amazing! And if you don’t live in Amsterdam, you can buy them online..