Tim Walker did it again, and I just can’t get enough of him..<3

He always captures amazing fairytales on camera. For W magazine Tim Walker teamed up with the gorgeous Kristen McMenamy to create a doomed love story, where Kirsten is a dark, majestic mermaid, who want to become human to win the heart of her crush..Kristen-McMenamy-Tim-Walker-for-W-magazine-1Kristen-McMenamy-Tim-Walker-for-W-magazine-4 Kristen-McMenamy-Tim-Walker-for-W-magazine-6Kristen-McMenamy-Tim-Walker-for-W-magazine-2




Pics I like!

I like the way the models look like realy dolls. Standing in a closet like they are dead and left behind.

The Princess on a Pea, love that story!

Friend of mine posted this on facebook and I immediately fall in love with it.

Romain Laurent has a hole serie of these kind of pictures! Me like:)

Sexy Megan Fox with her own Mannequin! Good one!

This is a knitted dress by Irina Shaposhnikova! Like the way the model has no face.

Mary-Kate Olsen, my old time favorite! She is just wonderful and my icoon!

Picture by Jason Parry. Love the way it looks like it’s taken in the Sixty’s.

The most beautiful women in the world!

Lily Cole is a English model with a beautiful baby doll face and flaming red hair! She is the muse of Tim Walker and the fahion world loves her! She has a face that will stay with you and remember like a godess! Not only is she pretty and gorgeous, she smart and is a fierce defender of environmental causes! Not only is Lily a model she is also to be seen in a Terry Gilliam movie “The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus” the last movie of Heath Ledger. Still have to see the movie (unfortunately the movie did not appear in the cinema in Holland) .
She is inspiraring and I just Love Lily!


Books I ordered at Amazon UK

The House of Viktor & Rolf is already delivered.
And I can’t wait to see Pictures in my mail box:)

Viktor & Rolf best dutch designers!!!
Tim Walker best photographer ever!!!

Both are extremely innovative and unique
Have a vision and know to catch the audience by surprise.
Further, I personally am very inspired by their ideas and effects.

Here are pictures I realy love:

Viktor & rolf

Dutch Clogs Heels: Love them!

Viktor & Rolf SS10 Paris

Tim Walker

Tim Walker Galerie

Tim Walker

Tim Walker, one of my favourite photographers, born in 1970 and based in London. His images tell a story, a fairy tale. He thought about every detail and the colors are bright and mystery’s. There are a lot of photo where object are bigger than usual, that’s what I love about him. He thinks out of the box.

He is the most creative man I can think of! Everything is complete!

I ♥ Tim Walker