10 things I love at the moment

1. New Accessories; knitted eye caps

2. Building; the OBA

Went there on monday to draw the building and just loved the place. It was big and peaceful. Great Architecture

3. Photographer; Alex Olson

I’m a fan of Blend on Facebook and saw a artikel about Alex Olson.
When I saw his pictures I had to share it with you.

4. Foam exhibition; Johan van der Keuken

I want to see this tomorrow with my mom! He’s a photographer, one of this best pictures is of a dancescene in Quatorze Juillet Paris, 1958.

5. Movie; Due date

Not as good as The Hangover but it was very funny! I just love Zach Galifianakis, for me he’s the funniest man alive!

6. Food; Cornflakes

7. Song; Flash Grimey I did not Know

8. Magazine; WAD we are different

Like this issue!

9. My new deer ring

10. Motto; Live life to the Max


Magazine Issues

Frame magazine

WAD “We are Different” Magazine

Wallpaper magazine

Vice Magazine

The cover says a lot about the magazine. If I don’t like the cover I will not buy the magazine.
Offcourse, the content is important aswell but if the cover doesn’t sparkle, it will not be seen or bought!

The cover  says a lot about the magazine. You can tell what kind of magazine it is and what subject will be discussed.
If you know the magazine you will be able to recognize it by seeing the cover.