light-colors-fashion-white-beige-grey-trend-fall-winter-oversize light-colors-fashion-white-beige-grey-trend-fall-winter-dress light-colors-fashion-white-beige-grey-trend-fall-winter-coat light-colors-fashion-white-beige-grey-trend-fall-winter-coar light-colors-fashion-white-beige-grey-trend-fall-winter


Shine Bright


Pastel colors are making a wave this year. They may been strictly associated with spring’s blooming flowers, but not anymore..
They are one of the biggest statement makers for the Fall / Winter of 2014 – 2015. Color. But tender and delicate. Soft shades.

So let the winter shine bright and choose  a wonderful pastel oversized coat, accessoires or a warm cozy sweater.


White-Space-orthodontic-clinic-by-Bureauhub White-Space-orthodontic-clinic-by-Bureauhub_2 White-Space-orthodontic-clinic-by-Bureauhub_ss_1

The all white dental clinic in Sicily. The architecture studio Bureauhub created this White Space, having touch screens, remotes for X-ray and medical information systems, display walls, a curved out sit area and for the children a custom-designed play-object; combines a desk for drawing and a bubble-shaped hiding places. This is a dentist everyone would like to visit..


The White Chapel by Danny Cheng


This Serene White Chapel based on the coastline of Discovery Bay in Hong Kong is designed by Danny Cheng. Beautiful architecture surrounded by water to reflect it’s image perfectly at night! The building has a consisted rhythm of layers that make it so interesting. Loving the white interior and fantastic high ceiling. Cheng says the inspiration for the ceiling came from the ‘honeycomb-like lines’ of the Lamborghini AP700.